Tuesday, 6 November 2012

KaSPeRSKY 2013 + Longest KiS KEY After 20121030 Blacklist




pass for archive


to save kaspersky updates visit this link


How To Activate Kaspersky Using Key Files

01) Open Kaspersky and click 'Manage 'License'/'Insert your activation code here' in bottom right window
02) On the license window click the red "X" after 'License number' to delete the old license
03) On the license window click the 'Activate the application'/'Enter activation code' button
04) On the activation window for 'Enter activation code' copy and paste in: 22222-22222-22222-2222U
05) Click on Next
06) In the next window, click on Browse
07) Specify the path/location to the downloaded Kaspersky '.key' file
08) Click on Next
09) After successful activation, update Kaspersky: Right-click on the Kaspersky tray icon and click Update
10) Done!

Good Reply Dude, but except all these steps he can do just one step through Execute the following quoted command in "Run" command and of course dont forget to change the KEY PATH with yours. btw, you can make a batch file with the command to be easy on you execute it everytime you need to change the key as i do


"C:\Program Files\Kaspersky Lab\Kaspersky Internet Security 2013\avp.com" addkey "KEY PATH"

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